Body Beast Time April 21, 2017

Where has the time gone?  It’s been almost a year since my last entry into this online journal.  Sometimes even when you have the best of intentions you can slip and fail.  I fell into the lazy pit again.  Not exercising and continuing my pursuit to eat more pizza than any other person on the planet!  8 weeks ago I started a new program called Body Beast.  It is a Beachbody product that I have fallen in love with.  Straight lifting weights for lean mass.  My strength has absolutely shot through the roof and my energy throughout the day has increased to the point of not needing my daily coffee(s)

Sagi Kalev is the creator of the program and he is actually kind of comical to work out with.  Like the tough older brother who above all else wants you to succeed.  I’ve competed another of Sagi’s programs “Hammer and Chisel” and also enjoyed that routine as well.

I’ve got 4 weeks remaining in this program so I need to stick to it, which becomes increasingly difficult as summer means it’s work season for me.  Check out our website, it’s my buddy Dan’s company called Rock Me Construction and the website is

I will be back to update my progress at the conclusion of body beast, hopefully i’ll even have the nerve to post some before and afters.

Thanks for checking in!



Finally Warm Weather!!! April 18, 2016

Living above the 49th parallel has it’s advantages,  winter however is not one of them.  I’ve been waiting it seems like forever to lace up my shoes and head outside for a run.

Instead of using the hamster wheel at the gym, running outside feels amazing.  The fresh air in your face, the beauty of nature all around me….and the neighbours lawn sprinklers splashing me and soaking my clothes!!! (at least they dried quickly!)

In all honesty I train all year long, usually at home.  I have a gym membership that I strictly use for treadmill and cardio exercises only.  All my strength training is of course done by using the Beachbody workouts.  (Currently I am 3 weeks away from completing Hammer & Chisel)

These workouts are more than enough to keep me in shape, but there is something to the simple act of walking, jogging and running in intervals.  The treadmill allows me to still get my movements in which is great for my back problems i’ve had since 2011 when I was involved in a major car accident.

In the winter the treadmill is great.  I can watch sports or listen to music while I do my cardio in the warm and comfort of my local gym.  Summer time I forget where the place is though as the great outdoors can never be replaced…well unless it rains on my wimpy ass!

The pizza challenge is going great….if great means i’m irritable, annoying and angry all the time.  My oh my do I miss the carbs, I do not however miss the bloating which has seen a significant decrease over the last week.  So far so good, trying to keep it up will be tough, but i’m determined!!

Until next time!

A month without Pizza!!! Are you F&^%ing crazy!? April 10, 2016

The title of this article is the reaction I got when I told my friends…well and some of my family too, that I will go the month of April without eating any pizza!

This may sound like not such a big deal to about 98% of folks out there.  To me, this is a task as big as winning a marathon.  I have to stress that there is something everyone should know………

I am a Pizzaholic!!!..  I love the stuff.. would literally eat it everyday if I could.


Going into my fitness journey I knew that eventually I would have to tackle this demon.  Now being only 10 pounds away from my goal weight is the time to put up a fight and slay this dragon of deliciousness.

Pizza has been my comfort food since I was a child.  We would have it every Friday night for dinner.  I always looked forward to it a little bit too much I think.  Over the years it grew into about a 3-4 day a week meal.

Between the carbs and cheese it’s no wonder after all the exercise I do that I still haven’t attained my goal weight,

So, the time for me has come…one month with no pizza.  I plan on losing at least 5 of my last 10 pounds in the coming month.  Hopefully this sacrifice is the missing ingredient to my health recipe.

After the month, I plan on restricting this food to a maximum of two times per month…  Here’s to it!

Hit me up in the contact section if you have the same obsession with this delicious creation as i do.

Dealing with Injuries March 23, 2016

Sometimes I admit it.  I push my body too far.

Usually I know my limits when it comes to how much weight I can lift for each exercise that I complete.

Two days ago I made the mistake of pushing just a little bit too much weight.  I was doing a set of incline press, using 40 pound dumbbells.  The mistake I made here was that the last time I performed this exercise I used 25 pound dumbbells.  I should have bridged the gap instead of jumping to that big of a weight increase and know my muscles in my chest and back have been in constant pain.

I checked with my doctor who thankfully thinks it’s just a strain that should be okay in a few days with some rest, ice and some icy hot!

As i’m aging I try to remember to learn from all my mistakes.  This is another lesson I plan on never forgetting as it is such a hassle for me being sore like this.

  1. I can’t work properly because the strain of my neck looking at my laptop is causing surging pain on the right side of my neck.
  2. I can’t workout in case I further aggravate the injury.
  3. I’m utterly and completely miserable.

This is something that I can’t do again, I need to be more careful and cautious because this now effects my life in a very negative way.

For all out there reading this, please take head and be careful when training.  Up your weights in small, smart increments.  Don’t allow your ego to get the best of you and end up like me, injured.

Thankfully i’ll be back and running back to normal in a week.  Until that time I plan on keeping busy by going for walks everyday.

The one thing i’ve learned in my fitness journey is that you MUST always remain consistent.  Consistency in my mind is the real key to fitness success.  Sounds like the perfect subject for a post some other team.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.  Sorry for the semi negative nature of the post.  I promise next time will be upbeat like normal.

Til then.

Does anyone else work out in BARE FEET!!!? March 19, 2016

Hey everyone, I’m back with another entry into this fitness blog of mine.
This one is pretty straight forward.  I’m a weirdo that works out in bare feet.  Yes, no shoes, no socks, no sandals.  Just my feet on the ground providing what I feel is the base of my body as Mother Nature intended.

Now before things get out of hand and people think i’m gross, or i’m going to get athlete’s foot or some other foot fungus.  I have to remind you that I work out at home.  In my living room or basement normally.  So with the gross out factor out of the way,  allow me to explain my reasoning.

  1. Comfort – There’s nothing better for me then walking around and having my toes hit the floor.
  2. Balance – I do alot of balance and control exercises and I love the feeling of balancing on my bare feet instead of shoes.
  3. Price – I was born with my feet, how much did those new edition, best ever Nike running shoes cost you?
  4. Control – Having my toes and feet free from shoes allows me to control my movements.  If i’m doing a balance based exercise I can use more of my foot to balance myself out then what the sole of a running shoe can do for me.
  5. Freedom – It is so ridiculously liberating once your body gets used to not wearing shoes all the time.

Now I must state that i’m not a physician and i’m not saying everyone should try exercising in bare feet.  If you have a medical problem then consult with your doctor first, be safe.  That being said I do feel like my personal experience has really helped my workouts and allowed me to evolve as an athlete with improved balance and flexibility.

If anybody is interested in working out from home I would highly recommend checking out for some fantastic home based exercises.  There is literally something for everyone, any age or exercise experience, all the moves can be altered until your ready to progress on virtually each different routine.

Also just because you workout at home doesn’t mean that you have to work out alone.  I recently set my aunt and uncle with a tai chi called Tai Cheng from Beachbody and my Uncle Frank loves it.  My Uncle owns his own roofing business for over a decade now so for him to come home and actually want to put in his exercise DVD is quite a feat…..and YES he does the Tai Chi barefoot!!

That’s it for now, if you have any comments or feedback i’d love to hear from you.  You can contact me here if you’d like.

Wow, do I hate pullups!! March 15, 2016

Does everyone have an exercise that they just despise??

In my case that is clearly the pullup.  Wide grip, chin ups, close grip, reverse grip, vaulter grip or any other form of torture that was invented using a pull up bar.

In my mind I consider the pullup my arch enemy.  The Green Goblin to my Spiderman. I hate these darn things with a passion, BUT I still get my ass on that pullup bar when it’s a part of my workout and crush it the best I can.  The first time I tried to do a pullup I was 220 pounds, i literally got half way to my first pullup and BOOM…..muscle failure.  Not even one to count!

Quitting was not an option and so it became a test of will for me to get on that bar, at first with a pull up assistant. (basically a stirup to put your foot in which is connected to your pull up bar) This made pullups a little bit easier and allowed me to get a whopping 3 reps out.

After two weeks I wa (more…)

P90X3 March 13, 2016

Being a stay at home dad has it advantages.  I’ve always found when it came to fitness however, that being home with the kids usually results in having a spare tire around your mid-section.  I know that’s one of my many reasons for falling out of what I considered ideal weight for myself.  Thankfully I made an amazing purchase.  P90x3 from creator Tony Horton literally changed the way I look at my fitness.  Gone were the heavy weights and treadmills that i’d been using for years with minimal results.  I started this program and within the first 3 days I knew I was in for a rough 90 days.  My body was sore in a way i’d never felt before, muscles I didn’t even know existed had somehow managed to ache with such pain that i needed to take a day off after day 3!  you know what the best part of that was? That it was perfectly fine to rest, go at my own pace…or as they say on the DVD’s “Do your best and forget the rest” The pain is a part of the process…your body is telling you that it’s changing.  Embrace that change, don’t fear it.

After 90 days of the p90x3 program I had managed to lose an incredible 16 pounds while adding strength and definition throughout my entire body.  I was very impressed by the variety of the workouts and the complexity of them as well.  The recovery weeks are well needed yet you still are challenged everyday to be your best.  Beachbody has hit a home run with this amazing program.  Next up is The Master’s Hammer & Chisel program….stay tuned for some updates.

Welcome to my new website December 17, 2015

Hi everyone, welcome to my new site which i’m calling CNA training.  I’ll be updating this spot with some exercise and diet tips that i’m learning as i travel on my journey of physical fitness.  Check back soon for some updates.